Is Now SmartCube Classic

(non automated)

SmartCube Classic (non-automated) – ABOUT

Great Quality, Great Value!

SmartCube Classic minibars have been quality engineered with generous internal space, simple and stylish design, low energy consumption and silent thermoelectric cooling technology. It’s a great value for your hotel.

Transparent shelf

Thermoelectric cooling

Low energy consumption LED light

Locks that can be deactivated

Adjustable thermostat

Transparent door racks

SmartCube Classic – FEATURES

Standard Features

  • Stocking capacity of up to 32 facings
  • 30% more efficient than previous models
  • Environmentally sustainable energy efficient cooling system
  • Peltier Thermoelectric Superconductor 5 Heat Pipe technology
  • State-of-the-art insulation properties (Argon, low-E glass)
  • Solid foam insulated frame for glass door
  • Magnetic seals to keep the door tightly closed
  • Cyclopentane foaming agent – non-ozone depleting
  • Free of hazardous materials and chemicals
  • Removable shelving for easy cleaning
  • Fully automatic defrost and easily adjustable thermostat
  • Strong door hinges convertible left to right
  • Integrated door handles
  • Lock (can be deactivated)


  • Classic Honor Bar can be upgraded
  • Door Alert -> Fully Automated upgradability
  • Maximum Flexibility

Sophisticated Design

  • Translucent racking on door for high visibility of products
  • Internal LED lighting
  • High impact exterior finish
  • Full Glass Face Door Options: no, partial or full window
  • Solid Laminated Door Options: black solid, stainless steel
  • Custom: stainless steel full window



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